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Accommodation in New Zealand

Enhanced Listing Package (ELP)

Promote your New Zealand Accommodation Business and Website effectively and inexpensively with a comprehensive Enhanced Listing Package..

An Enhanced Listing Package includes . . .
  • Enhanced Listing - Business name, address and contact details, website and email links. text, photos, map and logos. Example
  • Listing on Area Map - Marker location on Area Map with pop-up information window containing website and email links. Example
  • Featured Accommodation - Your full website appears randomly embedded in hundreds of AccommodatioNZ pages as a "Featured Accommodation". See Below
Yearly Cost = $180.00 + $27.00 (GST) = $207.00 (if paid 20th following month)
We offer a $30.00 Discount for prompt (7 day) payment.
Yearly Prompt Payment Cost = $150.00 + $22.50 (GST) = $172.50 (if paid within 7 days)
  • We create your Enhanced Listing Package for you.
  • You can submit changes at any time for no additional cost.
  • Increase visitor traffic to your website to increase bookings.
  • We don't charge booking fees or additional costs.
  • Only available for New Zealand accommodation providers.
  • AccommodatioNZ has been established for around fifteen years.
If you require further information or explanation, or wish to invest in an Enhanced Listing Package, Please Contact Us