Best Foods in Oman

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Oman is the right choice for those seeking an authentic, traditional Arabian experience. Many visitors choose Oman as their favorite destination, thanks to its many historical, cultural, and entertainment options.

You can find some spectacular sights, amazing landscapes, and unique cultural traditions that will make your holiday a memorable one in Oman. Oman has a beautiful coastline, great beaches, mountains, and many UNESCO heritage sites. 

UNESCO lists Bahia Fort, Land of Frankincense, Archaeological Sites of Bat, Al-Khuthm, Al-Ayn, and Falaj irrigation systems as the most important cultural spots in Oman. 

Before You Visit Oman 

           Those that wish to go to Oman to experience the Arabian culture, history, and cuisine, should know that an Oman e-Visa is a must thing to have for traveling there. Since February of 2018, tourists can obtain an electronic visa for entering the country of Oman. 

The electronic system for obtaining a visa is a fast, simple, and easy way for people to travel to Oman for tourist or business purposes. Visiting an Oman embassy is not needed anymore, because you can do everything online

Get your Oman e-Visa using this website for a convenient and intuitive application process.

Filling in the online application is easy because it only requires providing standard travel data, like your planned entry date to Oman, passport information, and type of visa. 

Three main e-visas for Oman are the single-entry e-Visa for 10 days, single-entry e-Visa for 30 days, and multiple entry e-visa for 30 days.

Top Foods To Try In Oman

           Oman has a beautiful Arabian cuisine that can satisfy even those with the most delicate tastes. There are lots of traditional dishes to try, and the following are a few of them. 


 Also known as Kabsa, is a traditional dish that is very popular in Oman. It can be made with lamb or chicken, mixed with rice, different vegetables, and several spices. It is very rich in flavors and is usually served with traditional bread, salad, or yogurt. 


This national dish is prepared with lamb or goat meat, but it can also be made with camel or beef. The meat is marinated with a mix of spices, including cardamom, coriander, cumin, cloves, and chili peppers. It takes a long time to prepare, so this dish is usually served at special events and holidays. 


This Omani desert has a thick texture, brown color, but it does not contain chocolate. It is made of eggs, honey, rose water, sugar, and a mix of spices and nuts. It tastes delicious and is usually served together with coffee.


Other popular places among tourists are the Masira Island, where many go diving, Al Jabal Al Akhdar is a popular place for camping and hiking. 

At the same time, those interested in culture and history should visit the capital Muscat and check out the Royal Opera House and the National Museum.

 Finally, the old markets called Omani Souqs are very popular, where tourists can buy all types of handicrafts, textiles, artifacts, spices, and many other things. 

Final Words

Oman is a gourmet destination worth visiting, full of exciting things. Explore this wonderful country and enjoy a memorable Arabian holiday.